Philadelphia Family

A family of artists with a long tradition.

It all started with Jacob Meyer (ca. 1735-1795). As one of the most famous magicians and sorcerers of his time, he left the royal houses of Europe amazed. Even Goethe and Schiller were impressed by Meyer, who chose the pseudonym of his birthplace, Philadelphia.

Schiller wrote in his poem Fantasie an Laura "And souls calls Philadelphia.” Jacob’s descendants were all working as showman. Many have made a big name for themselves in the circus world.

Geraldine's grandfather father Karlheinz Philadelphia worked with horses, elephants and exotic birds. His wife was tightrope artist.

Geraldine's father, Patrick Philadelphia is the manager at Circus Roncalli and as the Performance Director is responsible for the imagination behind the show. Before joining Roncalli in 1996, Patrick Philadelphia worked at Circus Hellas for the Meise family and at circus "Flic Flac." In 1994 he met his wife Eliza. A short time later Geraldine was born.

Geraldine's mother Eliza was multiple Romanian champion in gymnastics and since heryouth she worked as a Teeterboard and all-around circus artist.

In Circus Roncalli Eliza performed with her troop in a juggling and springboard number. Later she trained her daughter in daily rehearsals. She is also responsible for the souvenir sales at the Circus Roncalli.

Geraldine's brother Justin, who was born in 2007, is taught by a primary school teacher from the circus and is now training and trying out different circus skills.

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