I am a real Child of the Circus

Geraldine Philadelphia Hula-Hoops Juggler and Artist

I was born on 18 February 1996 in Heinsberg Germany. I have traveled with Circus Roncalli since I was a small child. I'm just a real circus kid and from an early age I have lived in a caravan. I have ancestral connections to the circus. Nine generations before me have performed and been connected to the circus. I have clearly inherited the circus genes of my parents.

Even as a small child, I began to practice. During the breaks between the shows I tried various forms of acrobatics in the ring. I observed the various artists and I first performed at a young age. As a young girl, I was a member of the great juggler troop of Manuel Alvarez and have honed my skills since then again and again.

Some years ago Circus artist Iryna Pitsur performed in Circus Roncalli. I fell in love with her number right away. She taught me the basic form of acrobatics. I initially tried to imitate her tricks and her number.

I then started to work on and develop my own performance. After three years of training I premiered in Circus Roncalli. In my presentation I juggle several different sized hula-hoops, using my forehead and my whole body.

It's an unbelievably great feeling to show people what you can do and I always looking forward to the reactions of the audience. I am often excited during most premieres or special shows. Of course, I'm rehearsing regularly, because everything has to fit within the performances in the ring.

During training with my mother Eliza, I work on the development of new tricks. My mother was a ground gymnast and past performer.

The disciplined training has paid off. In 2010, I won a special prize at the European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden. However, my proudest achievement thus far was participating in the "New Generation" Circus Festival of Monte Carlo, where I received a special prize for my performance from the hands of the Prince and his family.

Lately I have repeatedly been in TV broadcasts showing excerpts from my act. In addition, I was able to premiere in the Circus and Theatre "Galtük" and “In Sepia” The Spanish Group "La Fiesta Escenica.”


In 2015 I passed my Abitur (German equivalent to A-Levels and APs) at Westfalen -Kolleg Dortmund. At the moment I 'm thinking about starting a universitycorrespondence course in parallel to my career as an artist.

All in all, I find my life as a young artist incredibly interesting and exciting. I travel around a lot, see a lot and meet many people. I think it would be too boring to always be in one place.

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